2 Deaths, Playboy and a tool box.

vintage toolbox

They say that the only thing you can count on in life is Death and Taxes.

Well July started off so wonderful with sun and champagne on the 4th July weekend. We have been testing our new products and developing others but this was the only highlight for July. Returning home I received the news that one of my friends mum had passed away. She had been sick for many years so it was a shock but had been expected. Then there was the horrible news of that my best friends Dad suddenly died.

When someone dies suddenly and you walk into their home it is like a time capsule. There is their dirty washing in the washing basket, the last cup they used in the sink and unmade bed. Through the tears, anger and redtape that needs to be done when someone dies we did find some things to laugh at. When we started tiding up his shed we found his Playboy Magazine collection – well read. But there was also a tool box full of leather, latex and other fetish items.  He would have been mortified if he know we had found them. My best friend sat in the shed tears rolling down her face and belly laugh at the thought of her dad being sexually active and kinky. Many digs, jokes and references to 50 shades of Grey as she came to terms with her fathers activities.

What would my children and friend think if they found my toys and then found out about my business and Lady Fox identity? What would you do if your sexual self was outed? I think it is this very question that stops many people from exploring their sexual desires and needs. Last word and say goodby to July – live life, enjoy your sexual side fully. Remember don’t worry about what other think – it is your life – live it fully.