counterfiet male chastity devices

Is your dick only worth $20 – cheap male chastity devices

In China copyright – (is tongue in cheek) to mean – “the right to copy anyone products”. They have no regards to someone’s creative and income rights. As these companies are our competitors we have looked at these cheep male chastity devices and have some personal experience ordering from these Chinese website and business that operate on Ebay and Amazon. We decided to see their quality, test the products and their customer service. This is our view on counterfeit male chastity devices.


There is a general perception that Chinese products are not well made and they have this reputation for a reason. They are low quality. The metal is 99.9% an alloyed and chrome finished and if it is steel it is not good quality stainless steel. Put simple as the saying goes you get what you pay for. I have another business that export to china. My Chinese customer said “Chinese middle and upper class are not interested in their own manufactured products as they a see as cheap and below standards”

Delivery Time

Delivery time for these male chastity devices ranges from 15 to 60 days, depending on your location and the efficiency of the delivery services.

Warranties and Refunds

Most original product manufactures will cover manufacturing defects. Due to the nature of the product there is no warranties when there is excessive or abusive wear conditions or intentional breakage. Unfortunately the cheap sites work on the assumption that you are not going to chase your $20. If you are lucky to get the site to reply when the package does not turn up or the sizing is incorrect compare to their site, we found that it took several months to finalize the return and refund.

Fitting and Sizes of Counterfeit  Male Chastity Devices

The sizing is very limited to the so call “average male” – not quite sure which average male but going on our sales history these products are more on the below average size. Many buyers on different forums have commented on that they have to do modifications including adding tubing to stop pinching and rubbing plus that the plastic devices break easily. Plus many males have sustained cuts, bruises and cause themselves pain when these products have broken while being worn.


You will find on many Chinese and cheap sites have exact copycats of well know male chastity brands like CB-3000, CB-6000, CB-6000S, Bird Lock, Holy Trainer, The Curve, Bon4 and others. They may look the same but are not. “CB-X and their authorize distributors have similar note on their site. “Yes, the Chinese have counterfeited our product line. We do not warranty the counterfeit products as they are inferior and are known to fail.” Many other Original Manufactures have similar notes.

Why Originals cost More.

In USA, European and other western countries we have to pay reasonable wages, high rent, insurances and taxes to run our business plus abide by many laws and regulations that add to the cost of products and services they sell. Also there are many hours in research and development of each device. Many illegal counterfeits products are manufactured, distributed without adhering to laws that are designed to protect you as the consumers.

Your on a budget and cannot afford to pay more.

Everyone’s financial situation is personal and I have been extremely poor in my life (several times) and have had to make hard chooses to keep food on the table and roof above my families head. It is in these hard times, little guilty pleasure is what keeps you going but at what cost. The one thing I know if it something truly important to you, you will find a way to purchase it, even if it is waiting for it a little longer. Also how are you going to feel if you spend you’re hard earn money and it breaks on first time you use it. You are now $20 further from the real thing.


You’ll need to examine your own moral code of ethic to decide how much you respect the people that have taken many hours and $$$ to design your device and are there to back up their creations. Our designs have take years of work and testing before we release them for purchase. All our custom designs orders can take anywhere from 10hours to 100’s hours. Put it simple my staff and me do not work for $0.20 an hour. It simply hurts me, my staff and family plus many other businesses when you buy counterfeits. So if you think your dick is only worth $20 and have no respect for the true creators their ability to continue their business and providing products and services at a reasonable rate then that’s is your choose. Remember a fake orgasm is never as good as the real thing. Don’t cheat yourself of the pleasure of the perfect fitting male chastity devices that enables you to be in comfort and prolong chastity.

Please don’t leave a comment if your going to say you love your cheap Chinese rip-off – not interested. But if you have been on the dark side and released the benefits of buying from the true creators I’d love it, if you left a comment here to share how the experience was.