FMJ 300 Starter Pack

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The FMJ 300 Set includes the FMJ 300 Cage and 3 matching Base Ring. Undetected When Going Through Airport Security.

The FMJ offers the utmost in comfort and security and sensory denial. The ring design is extremely comfortable and secure. The cage portion has one bottom opening allowing use at urinals, ventilation and hygiene.



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Product Description

Undetected When Going Through Airport Security.

The FMJ 300 Starter Kit is for the first timers that are unsure of what ring size is correct for them.

Includes the FMJ 300 Cage and 3 Base Ring. Choose the ring size that you think is your perfect size and we will add the size above and below your choose.

FMJ Set includes the FMJ 300 Cage and matching Base Ring. FMJ 300 are for those that want very little access. Total denial a solid construction that is very comfortable and secure. All lengths are design to ensure it is conceal under clothing to go unnoticed for everyday wear. The totally restricts you and your key-holder from touching your genitals for sexual pleasure. This gives the total Key-holder control over the sexual fulfillment of the wearer. Choose your cage size, base ring, color. Remember that you can customize the Custom Size Base Ring or Custom Size FMJ cage.

Surgical Nylon – This is the most superior light weight material available. Surgical Nylon is very durable, wear-resistant, feels more comfortable on skin compared to all other plastics. This material is impervious, does not allow for bacterial growth. Perfect for the man that has an active lifestyle, work and play and wants to be caged 24/7/365.

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

A= Length

B = Diameter / Circumference at base

Cage to Base Ring Spacing – There are three space sizes 7mm – 9/32″, 10mm – 7/16″, 13mm -1/2″

Base Ring = 8mm – 5/16″  Double Base Ring = 16mm – 5/8″

Total cage length
With single base ring* and standard 10mm spacing**:
Regular: 60mm (2 – 11/32″)
Medium: 80mm (3 – 5/32″)
Tall: 110mm (4 – 21/64″)
Grande: 128mm (5 – 11/128″)

*Add 8mm for double base ring.
** Subtract 3mm for 7mm gap. Add 3mm fro 10mm gap.

Cage dimensions of the Standard Cage

Regular – A= 42mm (1 -41/64″) B=28mm (1 -7/64”) / 87mm (3.5 inches) – Round Shape
Medium – A= 62 (2 7/16″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Tall – A= 92mm ( 3 -5/8″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Grande – A = 110mm (4 – 3/4″) B = 39 (1 – 1/2”) / 122mm (4 – 2/3″) – Oval shape*

* The oval shape is to reduce the profile so that it less noticeable under your clothing

standard size chart picture

If you required a different size than have a Custom Made Cage made for your comfort and desire.

If your are not quite sure how to measure yourself then read our page on How to Measure Yourself a Custom Chastity Device


1 review for FMJ 300 Starter Pack

  1. Peter (verified owner)

    Five stars! Fits like a glove. Very wearable over long periods assigned by the Keyholder. The question is now: what to do with the CB-6000 paperweight?

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