Ghost PA – Total Lock Down and Secure. (cage only)

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Revolutionizing the chastity world Custom Chastity introduced the first Surgical Nylon PA Chastity Device. Custom Chastity promise to deliver an extreme lightweight airport security friendly PA permanent chastity device.


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Product Description

We at Custom Chastity are thrilled to announce our new Ghost PA chastity cage!
It took us two years and twenty prototypes to create a device we’re truly proud of. This design has been properly tested by a team of volunteers who’ve worn it day in, day out, to work, to the gym, through airport security and to bed (not always alone).
This is a male chastity device you can rely on. Live a normal life without it breaking or bursting, or straining your piercing, or giving you away though clothing. It’s fine for just a night of kink, but really, there’s no reason to ever remove it.
Oh, and did we mention that it’s inescapable? Careful what you wish for…

Designed for living the chaste life to the full
Airport security tested.
Tough and lightweight surgical nylon.
Anti-pullout system that doesn’t strain your piercing.
Easy clean without unlocking.
Designed for 24/7/365 wear but convenient for much shorter play – the choice is yours! (Or maybe not.)

Technical Details
Sizing: Available in standard or custom sizes.
Cage format: Shower and dry using a hairdryer without removing the device.
Lightweight surgical nylon construction: Body safe, tough and dishwasher proof.
Works for PA starter piercings (12-8 gauge) up to 2 gauge: No need to stretch your piercing. We can customize for larger gauges.
PA Anti-pullout system: Allows for the normal daily growth and shrinkage without the usual pulling and tearing of the piercing.
Airport Security: Physically tested through the airport security screening system with titanium and steel gauge PA piecing.
Interchangeable with other Custom Chastity Devices: Swap out the cage to suit the mood and play without changing the base ring

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

A= Length

B = Diameter / Circumference at base

Cage to Base Ring Spacing – There are three space sizes 7mm – 9/32″, 10mm – 7/16″, 13mm -1/2″

Base Ring = 8mm – 5/16″  Double Base Ring = 16mm – 5/8″

Total cage length
With single base ring* and standard 10mm spacing**:
Regular: 60mm (2 – 11/32″)
Medium: 80mm (3 – 5/32″)
Tall: 110mm (4 – 21/64″)
Grande: 128mm (5 – 11/128″)

*Add 8mm for double base ring.
** Subtract 3mm for 7mm gap. Add 3mm fro 10mm gap.

Cage dimensions of the Standard Cage

Regular – A= 42mm (1 -41/64″) B=28mm (1 -7/64”) / 87mm (3.5 inches) – Round Shape
Medium – A= 62 (2 7/16″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Tall – A= 92mm ( 3 -5/8″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Grande – A = 110mm (4 – 3/4″) B = 39 (1 – 1/2”) / 122mm (4 – 2/3″) – Oval shape*

* The oval shape is to reduce the profile so that it less noticeable under your clothing

standard size chart picture

If you required a different size than have a Custom Made Cage made for your comfort and desire.

If your are not quite sure how to measure yourself then read our page on How to Measure Yourself a Custom Chastity Device


1 review for Ghost PA – Total Lock Down and Secure. (cage only)

  1. John

    Hello I just want to say thank you for one of the most comfortable CB cages I have tryed. I love the new PA cage and the color purple.

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