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Revolutionizing the chastity world Custom Chastity introduced the first Surgical Nylon PA Chastity Device. Custom Chastity promise to deliver an extreme lightweight airport security friendly PA permanent chastity device.



Length A

The total length of the cage required

Circumference or Diameter B

The circumference or diameter of the Base of the Cage

Size of Gap

Size of the gap if not to be a standard 7,10, 13mm gap

Custom Size

Any other measurements that is required for your cage design

Image of your custom Design

Upload an image/drawing of what you would like us to design and make for you. This is a professional design team that is interested in designing you a perfect chastity device. Please load personal photos into the forum page not in this area.

(max file size 1 GB)

(max file size 1 GB)

Any futher information

Any further information about the design of your Custom Ghost PA

Product Description

Product Description

The GHOST PA Starter Set includes the Ghost PA Cage and 3 matching Base Ring. Choose the ring size that you think is your perfect size and we will add the size above and below your choose.

We at Custom Chastity are thrilled to announce our new Ghost PA chastity cage!
It took us two years and twenty prototypes to create a device we’re truly proud of. This design has been properly tested by a team of volunteers who’ve worn it day in, day out, to work, to the gym, through airport security and to bed (not always alone).
This is a male chastity device you can rely on. Live a normal life without it breaking or bursting, or straining your piercing, or giving you away though clothing. It’s fine for just a night of kink, but really, there’s no reason to ever remove it.
Oh, and did we mention that it’s inescapable? Careful what you wish for…

Designed for living the chaste life to the full
Airport security tested.
Tough and lightweight surgical nylon.
Anti-pullout system that doesn’t strain your piercing.
Easy clean without unlocking.
Designed for 24/7/365 wear but convenient for much shorter play – the choice is yours! (Or maybe not.)

Technical Details
Sizing: Available in standard or custom sizes.
Cage format: Shower and dry using a hairdryer without removing the device.
Lightweight surgical nylon construction: Body safe, tough and dishwasher proof.
Works for PA starter piercings (12-8 gauge) up to 2 gauge: No need to stretch your piercing. We can customize for larger gauges.
PA Anti-pullout system: Allows for the normal daily growth and shrinkage without the usual pulling and tearing of the piercing.
Airport Security: Physically tested through the airport security screening system with titanium and steel gauge PA piecing.
Interchangeable with other Custom Chastity Devices: Swap out the cage to suit the mood and play without changing the base ring

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

A= Length

B = Diameter / Circumference at base

Cage to Base Ring Spacing – There are three space sizes 7mm – 9/32″, 10mm – 7/16″, 13mm -1/2″

Base Ring = 8mm – 5/16″  Double Base Ring = 16mm – 5/8″

Total cage length
With single base ring* and standard 10mm spacing**:
Regular: 60mm (2 – 11/32″)
Medium: 80mm (3 – 5/32″)
Tall: 110mm (4 – 21/64″)
Grande: 128mm (5 – 11/128″)

*Add 8mm for double base ring.
** Subtract 3mm for 7mm gap. Add 3mm fro 10mm gap.

Cage dimensions of the Standard Cage

Regular – A= 42mm (1 -41/64″) B=28mm (1 -7/64”) / 87mm (3.5 inches) – Round Shape
Medium – A= 62 (2 7/16″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Tall – A= 92mm ( 3 -5/8″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Grande – A = 110mm (4 – 3/4″) B = 39 (1 – 1/2”) / 122mm (4 – 2/3″) – Oval shape*

* The oval shape is to reduce the profile so that it less noticeable under your clothing

standard size chart picture

If you required a different size than have a Custom Made Cage made for your comfort and desire.

If your are not quite sure how to measure yourself then read our page on How to Measure Yourself a Custom Chastity Device


2 reviews for PA Custom Size – Starter Pack

  1. firenze06 (verified owner)

    I purchased the Custom PA cage to suit my PA piercing. I went for the whole prototype and final sizing package as I wanted to be sure I got the size right. Though it was a much longer process it was worth ordering a larger size prototype to get the full picture of what size i really needed. With the prototype order you get your permanent base rings (one size above and below your requested size), a magilock with two keys, some lube and your temporary prototype cage piece. The cage piece comes with some rough edges (its a more fragile 3Dcopy) you may need to sandpaper a little to not chafe your penis. Also the prototype is just one piece as opposed to the finalised two piece cage. My prototype was quite a bit too large but it made it easier to determine final sizing and the sizing is deadly precise so youll know what you need. The product is made in Australia so be prepared to to pay an import fee both times. UK customs are rip-off b******s.
    For your base ring you can use string to measure around behind your sctotum or, as i did, i had a metal cock ring that fitted me perfectly and went by the diameter on that. It was 50mm so i was sent that and 47.5 and 52.5mm. Whatever you do don’t try to go too small wanting a tight fit. For long term wear you should have it looser or you’ll have problems with chafing. The eggshell texture definitely helps with skin contact but you will still get some pain and rubbing behind your balls. This is just a part of being in chastity and a minor thing you will suffer for your keyho!der. Daily hygiene is essential otherwise smells build up. If you live with your keyholder ask them to allow you out to clean yourself and the device once a day as its much easier than cleaning with it on.
    The final cage piece fitted perfectly and snugly. To be honest you hardly need the PA ring lock because there’s virtually no way you can sneak your penis from the cage. Also for long term wear dont go too tight on the base ring to cage gap. I went for 13mm final after i initially thought 10mm would be ok but it wasnt. The best way to pee is sitting down as your stream can go different direction. Best way to swill penis is fill a small beaker with water, dip your cage in and remove and shake. Re
    peat a couple of times more and then youre clean again.
    The mailing is a bit slow so do be prepared to wait 2-3 months for whole process from start to finish but its well worth the wait. Communication is very good as i had Lady Fox answering my concerns. Overall a quality, comfortable product and with the strength of the device it will give your keyholder peace of mind know that they have you under complete control. Enjoy!
    sissy Susan xx

    • Taylor

      Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed review. I trust the final cage is doing its job well and keeping you contained.

  2. firenze06 (verified owner)

    I would like to add more to the initial review I have already given for the Custom PA device. I wanted to mention a couple of handy tips for long term wear now that I’ve been going for a few months and streamlined my routine. Firstly I had some problems with chafing behind my nutsac from the base ring but i solved this simply by pulling the scrotum skin back under the ring towards the anus at regular intervals during the day. This puts the ring tighter against the testicles but leaves some loose skin behind it and for some reason this alleviates any stinging pain and chafing that may occur.
    Secondly, if you have foreskin with your PA piercing you will find it getting trapped in the little ring lock causing it to pinch. This can be resolved by putting on your base ring as normal, then inserting your penis through the lower cage piece and inserting that piece halfway into the lock. Insert the small ring into the rail lock, and then pull your foreskin right back through to the base ring. Then attached the upper cage piece and close in place. Pulling the foreskin back should also prevent trapping the skin in the join as was happening to me before. You will then have quite a bit of skin bunched up when closing to lock device. Simply pull the skin down as you close it to prevent trapping. This will mean your cock head will be exposed all day but it does give a lovely vulnerable sensation and will be overall more comfortable. The foreskin will eventually slip forward again especially if you exercise a lot but you can remove and repeat – with your keyholders permission of course!
    I hope this will help those thinking of buying this wonderful design to make the jump towards the beauty of chastity.
    sissy Susan xxx

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