Stop Production and I Quit!

i quit my day job for Custom Chastity and You

No I have not quit Custom Chastity.  After been sick with a chest infection for the last 10 days it forced me to rest and re-view my priority.  During this time I question why I had got so sick. Other than working a 40hour week, looking after the family and making 6 hour round trip to the hospital at least 3 times a week for the last 7 months plus tying to build Custom Chastity something had to give. And the weakest link was Me and my lungs.

Life is short and some times you need to take a leap of faith. I am passionate about Male Chastity and Custom Chastity. My boss is not happy but I quit my day job and now it is full commitment to Custom Chastity. I have so many things that I want to add and develop for Custom Chastity plus I want to write blogs, answer more questions and help men and their key holders in the journey of male chastity.

Wish me Luck

Cheers Lady Fox