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The hunt for the perfect long term male chastity device!

Following on from the previous story of how I started my journey in the lifestyle of male chastity. So to remain in long term chastity my current device the metal Fort with the nasty hinge in the base ring and a padlock that would rattle constantly when I was on the move plus occasionally the metal Fort bite was difficult to live with to say the least.The metal Fort was design for play and not long term wear. Not long after starting this journey I started a work contract that involved regular flying so I purchased a CB6000. Wow this was the most uncomfortable device I ever tried but I thought it would allow me to travel and not worry about detection or frisking. I wore it once on a flight and was trapped in this uncomfortable thing for four hours. As soon as I got to my motel room I switched back to the Fort. This light plastic tube was trying to spin upside down with me in it. Not a device for long term wear or for temporary device for on flights again just a play device. After that big failure of the CB6000 I decided to remove my metal device before I went through airport security and as soon as I arrived at my destination I would head to the restroom and slip the device back on . I did tried to wear this metal Fort while on the plane, even though it was not as bad as the CB6000 the very narrow economy seats just did not give a lot of ballroom for comfortable travel. The hunt for better fitting device was on.

I decided to upgrade to a Lori after reading many forums and having realized that my life has become much better since the locking of my favorite toy. This was the start of my inspiration for starting Custom Chastity. My marathon experience to obtain what was perceived at the time to be the ultimate device started from my initial order of an existing device that was in stock. I had settled for this option as the device a 2B had a very long waiting period. The stock item was a 12D that had the exact measurements I thought I required at the time. Having already had a P.A piercing for more than fifteen years this seemed to be the answer to be in permanent inescapable chastity. More than a month later and a few anxious emails it finally arrived. I immediately fitted it and screwed in the locking PA pin. As the day went on it appeared I had found the perfect fit. That night was a little different with the onset of the mandatory hard on, the drama began. I woke up with balls the size of goose eggs and the head of my penis was turning blue as well. The battle to see who was in charge, had been entered into at my expense the meat or two veg? While that fight raged on, I was freaking out trying to relieve the pressure. The lesson here was, the base ring can be to small and therefore it went back to be modified.

Two months later the Lori was returned with an up-sized base ring and a small increase in diameter to the penis ring. I wore the new 12D for an hour and half and had to remove it as it started to tear my piercing and also made me have a need to urinate nearly every 15 minutes. Luckily I had already ordered a Lori 2B about a month after the initial drama with the 12D, being a more conventional style it still had a ridiculous waiting list.

In the meantime I purchased a Mature Metal Queens Keep, which had the oval base ring (long side horizontal). This was okay as an fill in while I waited for my Lori 2B order. I this time I ordered an extra base ring with Mature Metal Queens Keep so as to prevent any waiting in case I got the fit wrong with the initial order. A month later the device arrived and was immediately fitted and locked in place. The locking screw was a fiddly thing to fit and the ovalisation I felt was wrong as the round rings I had worn in the past proved far more comfortable. The device kept trying to rotate 90 degrees and this caused it to pinch the skin between the base ring and tube near the joint. I persisted wearing the device for four months until my Lori 2B arrived five months after the initial order was placed.

My Lori 2B had a 4 gauge PA pin which I felt I should be able to use since my piercing was now ok after the trauma five months earlier. Well I was wrong, but this piercing issue was more to do with the fact that my penis had become used to a confined space. My penis would pull back on the pin until eventually began to tear. I again gave up on the piercing idea for security in chastity. I wore this device without the piercing pin for a month and a half before I decided there must be something far more comfortable to wear and plus the large lump on the underside of the tube to allow for the piercing pin to be locked into position was quite uncomfortable and now that it was not used was just an uncomfortable lump .

Steelworxx to the rescue! I place my order and one month later I emailed too see what was going on with the order and two weeks after the email the Locker #01 arrived. This device gave me the chance to try a urethral tube as security. I can not believe I thought this was going to work for long term. But as I found out, I’m no different to every other human on this earth and that urethral tube was not going to work in the long term. But I am a determined bugger and sometimes think I’m somehow going to beat the tube and have found the ultimate security system. I wore the Locker #01 with the urethral tube for a couple of days and removed it after a severe burning pain and was regularly feeling the tube moving when bending over and seemed to stick to the urethra. So I unscrewed the tube from the device and wore it continuously as a regular cage until Christmas 2014.

I wanted to stay in chastity at any cost, by this stage my life with my wife was so good that all the positive of being chastity outweighed any of the discomforts caused by this device. What was wrong with the Locker #01 device now. Well nothing I could really complain about considering all my previous trials and horrors. But it did have issues, I had begun wearing a jockstrap for support of these heavy metal devices. This I didn’t mind as I love the weight of metal but not the feeling you get when it is hanging low on the testicles and I realize that some of the pain you may occasionally feel is just a reminder me of my commitment. But I was determined that I could remain in chastity in comfort. I still want to have a better fitting and designed system that not only felt good but also looked good.

For over 2 years I had be wanting to design a device that was for long term male chastity wear and removed all the problems that I had encounter.  The birth of Custom Chastity happen in 2013.  The first three male chastity devices FMJ, Ghost and Leopard is more about comfort, discrete and for long term wear than ultimate security. The 300 series is light weight and you will never have to be out of your device now when you travel. Always be undetected from airport security.  I am working on a few ideas in the pipeline for a device that if you pull out you can’t get back in without the key. So this is not only going to leave you with your device in a very uncomfortable position but probably is going to be tough to explain to your Key holder. As for the lack of piercing lock or urethral tube, I had come to the reality that they don’t work for most in long term chastity as they both will probably give you serious issues in the longterm. If you want to cheat a system, a life style, yourself and your key-holder, you are going to cheat. You just playing at being Houdini not chastity. So cheat if you must but you’ll be caught.

I wanted to provide the opportunity for all males to experience comfort, discrete and long term wear. I wanted others to be able design a male chastity that suited their needs. All Custom Chastity standard designs can custom sized plus if you have you own design we can make it for you too. Welcome to custom chastity answer to your male chastity needs.