man in wrong size chastity device

The smaller the Base ring the more Secure the Chastity Device

So many males believe if they use the smallest base ring that they can fit into the more secure their male chastity device will be.

In fact if the base ring is too tight, the  base ring will become uncomfortable when there is any natural fluctuation of the tentacles and the blood flow around this area. Some wearers believe if they keep this area lubricated to help relieve the pain this is not correct. The fact is this simply if you have the correct size base ring you will never have pain in this area from your Base Ring Device. Unless the base rings designs that has inherited pinch points due to the hinge or how the cage is attached to the base ring – pain may be felt at these points. We have specifically design Custom Chastity base rings has no pinch points. Below is how you measure to get the correct base ring

There is two way to measure what size would best fit you.

  1. Purchase the cock rings set from us – we give you a credit for the purchase of your next purchase from Custom Chastity.
  2. Go to a hardware store and by some rings in a variety of sizes.

Start with a 50mm – 2” ring If you can just fit one finger up to the first joint between the ring and the top of your penis then this is most properly the correct size and wear it for a few. If you can get more than one finger, up to the first joint between the ring and the top of your penis, it is too large then change to the next size down. If your ball escapes with just normal activity then the ring is too large. If you can’t get a finger in, it is too small and changes to the next size up. If you are unsure how to fit a base ring watch this video below

How to put Custom Chastity Base Ring On

Many men report that after wearing a device for several months that they need to reduce the base ring size. This is because your scrotum shrinks a bit as a result of wearing the device. It is important not to start just because this may happen to you and you want to save money. The small amount of shinkage may not happen and you will have a too small base ring that will just cause you pain and maybe damage.

AT NO TIME SHOULD YOU BE IN PAIN OR MAJOR DISCOMFORT. Don’t keep trying to wear smaller and smaller rings. This is why custom chastity sells interchangeable cages and base ring and a starter kit system. So if you are one of the guys that after 6 to 12mths have to down size their base ring they can without having to purchase a whole new cage. REMEMBER just get the size that is right for you now your balls and penis is too valuable to be frugal. The main point is that you and your male chastity device fit comfortably .