They say things come in 3’s

to outsourcing or to not emails

It true what they say, things come in set of three as I sit here in a blobbing mess. As with the previous post 2 Deaths, Playboy and a tool box 2 close friends lost loved one. But this time it was my turn to loose someone so special, so close to my heart – it hard to even breath.  Sitting with him for 3 days and trying not to fall asleep so that I could hold him when he went. He fraught hard but finally lost his battle and yesterday we laid him to rest.

Why am I telling this.

My emails are my weakest link and as you can understand they have suffered attention over the last month.  I have just concentrated on getting the orders out and custom design done through this heartbreaking and soul searching time.

I know that I will be opening up some very angry emails and yes I deserve the anger. In today’s world we are use to everything being automated, instant but not personal. Business does not have room for personal shit – excuse the french.

So my question to you is –  to outsource or  to not.

To me. The journey into chastity is a personal one. Everyone’s journey is private and different. By answering your emails I am able to help with your journey and hope to give the best possible answer to your questions. But this comes at a cost like any relationship. There are ups and downs. Exciting news and developments and on the flip side their are sad times and hurdles. Than sometimes I will be there instantly and other times I will be torn away due to family commitments, sickness and if I am lucky a holiday or two.

Custom Chastity is not just a business its a lifestyle and its about helping you build better relationships both sexually and non sexually with your partners. Its having someone safe to talk to when you have questions on chastity. For some of you it has even be about building friendships to me which I have appreciated so much as its not that I can walk down the local business group and say what type of business I’m in.

But I understand that this level of personal touch may not be what people want.

So I ask you to take a short survey – 2 questions – to help me know what you want. It is all anonymous

Thank You for your time and help in growing Custom Chastity.


Lady Fox