New Male Chastity Devices

Design for 24/7/365 secure comfortable wear.

Custom chastity benefits

Custom Chastity Male Chastity devices Benefits

No Pinching

No Twisting

No Rattling

Has no seams to split

Use Standard Locks – supplied with every cage and sets.

All types of Lubrication can be used without affecting the devices

Cage end opening does not catch on seam of clothing

Interchangeable cages – don’t get board go from total denial to tease and denial

All 300 design Passes Airport Security System.

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We offer male chastity devices that are design for 24/7/365 comfortable and discrete.
Fully interchangeable and customizable.

All male chastity devises are individually made either in America or Australia to ensure high quality.

We do not mass-produce any male chastity products via China.

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