Dying Surgical Nylon and Custom Chastity Devices

Some of our customers have concerns about the dying of our devices. I understand your concerns about the color and how they will wear over the short term and long term. Many other manufacturers paint their products but as this puts a coating on the product which reduces the microbial properties of the device. The nature of the product and the body part that this device is worn, we want a product that is inert to microbial growth for your long term safety.

As we use Surgical Nylon that is normally used for hip replacements it is not a product that is normally dyed esspecially before being placed into a human body.  Thus it has been a work in progress or trial and testing. The first problem was to find a dye that could dye surgical nylon and then withstand 24/7 wear.  Many companies forget is that it is worn in a very sensitive area with has a varying levels of pH from the skin, bodyfluids, cleaning and other products plus the normal microbial nasties that occur in this area. As you can see we have spent much time trying to find the best solution in a hostile enviroment. We are now one of the leading experts on the dying of this material – with manufacturers contacting us on this subject constantly.

We have now found two dye products that are meeting the challenge. That are not perfect but are giving us good results. We are now happy to be able to do product photo shoots to show the various color. Before you ask yes, I am in the process of updating the website with a gallery of the colors. Not being an IT person and being in a very private and niche business the mainstream companies have to fail to want to be associated with this type of company. So I am learning as I go. Be it a bit slow for some of you,  I do understand but getting there.

Please when you get your new device put the device through a normal cycle on the dishwasher, or scrub it with hot soap and water then rinse thoroughly. This will ensure that the device is fresh and hygienic after its long journey through several climate zones. Due to the Dying process, this wash will reduce the dye residue and the hot soapy water will help with the fixative of the dye. You may still experence some leaching of color but it should be minamial. If you are worry about you cloths getting stain we suggest wearing dark colors for the first week or so.


Lady Fox