About our Surgical Nylon

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

As with oils ain’t oils, it is the same as plastics. There is 1000’s of types of plastics and test to find its suitability. Custom Chastity non metal products are manufactured from PA2200 which has the USP rating of VI. USP (U.S. Pharmacopoeia) Class VI means that this type of plastic material passed all the test to meet the standard required for the product to be manufactured into products that is intended to be use for medical device manufacturers.  In layman’s terms – we use a plastic that is known as Surgical Nylon.

Surgical Nylon – This is the most superior light weight material available. Surgical Nylon is very durable, wear-resistant, feels more comfortable on skin compared to all other plastics. This material is impervious, does not allow for bacterial growth. Perfect for the man that has an active lifestyle, work and play and wants to be caged 24/7/365.

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For further reading see below is the MSDS and PDF document on Plastics Used for Medical Devices.