Prototype for custom chastity cage

Epic Printing of Prototype – the joys of 3D Printing.

To help with custom get the right size and style we offer a prototype service. This service is important to us as our aim is to ensure all men have the cage that fits them to enable them to enjoy being in chastity.

3D printing has been around for a while and you would expect that it is just a press the print button and in a couple of minutes the item is printed out. I wished it was this easy. Sometimes it can take days to get a result that we can send out to a customer. Below is just a sample of a print that took over 3 day and 7 failures before all went right.

Prototype for custom chastity

Failed Prototype for custom chastity – custom ghost cage

The average prototype print if all goes well will take about 6 hours to print. But when it fails it can take days to print. The common cause for failure is

  1. The PLA will break during printing,
  2. Layers not printed – leaving gaps in the final print,
  3. Welding problem between layers,
  4. Incorrect heating temperature
  5. Firmware update that does not work
  6. Main computer board dies – which happens when before christmas
  7. The one I hate the most is power failure

Haha – Patience is a Virtue that is tested when 3D printing.

Back to work and designing some great cages.


Lady Fox