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The Saint Set includes the Ghost 300 Cage and matching Base Ring.

The Saint Cage offers the utmost in comfort and security and limited sensory denial. The Ghost Cage has several access points for teasing and ease of cleaning.   All lengths are design to appear natural under clothing and to go unnoticed for everyday wear. Undetected When Going Through Airport Security.


Product Description

The Saint Set includes the Saint Cage and matching Base Ring. The Saint Cage offers the utmost in comfort and security and limited sensory denial. The Saint Cage has several access points for teasing and ease of cleaning.   All lengths are design to appear natural under clothing and to go unnoticed for everyday wear. Remember that you can customize the Custom Size Base Ring or Custom Size Saint Cage.

The Saint is manufactured from Surgical Nylon – This is the most superior light weight material available. Surgical Nylon is very durable, wear-resistant, feels more comfortable on skin compared to all other plastics. This material is impervious, does not allow for bacterial growth. Perfect for the man that has an active lifestyle, work and play and wants to be caged 24/7/365.

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

4 standard size surgical nylon Ghost 300 set

A= Length

B = Diameter / Circumference at base

Cage to Base Ring Spacing – There are three space sizes 7mm – 9/32″, 10mm – 7/16″, 13mm -1/2″

Base Ring = 8mm – 5/16″  Double Base Ring = 16mm – 5/8″

Total cage length
With single base ring* and standard 10mm spacing**:
Regular: 60mm (2 – 11/32″)
Medium: 80mm (3 – 5/32″)
Tall: 110mm (4 – 21/64″)
Grande: 128mm (5 – 11/128″)

*Add 8mm for double base ring.
** Subtract 3mm for 7mm gap. Add 3mm fro 10mm gap.

Cage dimensions of the Standard Cage

Regular – A= 42mm (1 -41/64″) B=28mm (1 -7/64”) / 87mm (3.5 inches) – Round Shape
Medium – A= 62 (2 7/16″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Tall – A= 92mm ( 3 -5/8″) B = 33mm (1 – 1/4”) / 103mm (4 inches) – Oval shape*
Grande – A = 110mm (4 – 3/4″) B = 39 (1 – 1/2”) / 122mm (4 – 2/3″) – Oval shape*

* The oval shape is to reduce the profile so that it less noticeable under your clothing

standard size chart picture

If you required a different size than have a Custom Made Cage made for your comfort and desire.

If your are not quite sure how to measure yourself then read our page on How to Measure Yourself a Custom Chastity Device


6 reviews for Saint Set

  1. Giles English

    I’ve blogged about this extensively, but I thought I should drop by here and post a short review.

    This device is life-changingly wearable. The open design is less secure against fiddling, but also very practical indeed. If you turtle and get stuck in the barrel, you can get a finger in to realign things. And of course it’s very hygienic indeed.

    If you’re wondering about the material – surgical nylon – it’s very tough, doesn’t shatter, and incredibly light.

    For maximum 24/7 wearability, I recommend the single ring and magic locker.

  2. MK-Ultra (verified owner)

    My fiancée and I were forced into a long-distance relation which will separate us for five months. Our relationship is very strong, but I wanted to show my sincere commitment to her and proposed to wear a chastity device during this time. Though she laughed at first and found it equally silly and extreme, she nonetheless liked this idea, as it fits her need to stay on top of things.

    Before I got the Saint, I already experimented with the Holy Trainer v2 and a no-name Chinese steel cage. I found them to be either painful to wear or easy to pull out and messy when it comes to hygiene. Then we saw the Saint and were intrigued by the open design. Delivery took some time, but this device was worth the wait. It is of high quality with no sharp edges and almost no way to get pinched. I was even more impressed with the manufacturing precision: the two pieces slide together smoothly and once locked essentially become one with no play at all, which makes it feel sturdy despite the light weight. It fits snugly but due to the open design hygiene is easy enough. I was immediately able to wear it for entire days, during work or while biking. Sleeping in a chastity device is a matter of getting used to and in all honesty, morning wood is a powerful incentive to get the breakfast going. But seriously, you cannot attempt long term chastity without preparation and getting used to the cage! Then came the day to say goodbye. Since my fiancée would not force me into the cage, I locked myself the night before and sealed the emergency key with a numbered plastic lock (yes, this is reality, not fantasy). After about a week I started to appreciate, what a psychological challenge long term chastity is going to be. I had no idea how often I actually think about sex or that my need for sexual release was so overwhelmingly strong. This is when I also learned just how serious, unyielding and inescapable a chastity device the Saint really is as it enforces my fiancée’s absolute control over my sexual needs. Well, it does exactly what we wanted.

    I have found one down side, which is specific for “uncut” people. The long foreskin sometime slips over the “front loop” and can get pinched between the tip of this loop and the pants. A strut connecting the top of the loop would solve this issue but not restrict access for cleaning or tease and denial play. It would not look as cool, though.

    If you are considering the Saint, a word of caution: it is a light weight, beautifully designed, but very serious chastity device and you may find yourself at the mercy of your keyholder… for real!

  3. braquin (verified owner)

    I was intrigued by chastity and initially bought an enclosed design silicon cage. This proved not only very uncomfortable, and ultimately impractical (esp. with cleaning). It also provided zero opportunity for my partner to “play” and tease.

    I wanted to get a more open design, but really don’t like the aesthetic of so many metal cages. I also wanted to be able to travel by plane (as I need to do so on business a log).

    I found Custom Chastity and liked the look of the various devices, moreso than similar products I found during my research. They looked more polished in their design, and the delivered product definitely lives up to my expectations.

    I was tossing up whether to go with a Ghost or Saint, and after an email exchange with Lady Fox (which was extremely helpful) I decided to go with the Saint, as it seemed more attuned to my partner’s and my desires and goals.

    I am delighted with the result. It fits, feels and looks great, IMO.

    While I love the idea of the Magic Lock version, I went with a padlock to enable us to do extended periods away with the ability to use numbered tags for “permissioned” play sessions while we’re apart (i.e. supervised by my keyholder), but have so far just experienced it with a full padlock. The mechanism is quite ingenious and neat, with limited play (no obvious “rattle” sound or sensation). I love the look of it, which personally matches my tastes in design and aesthetics.

    It is very discrete under clothing, and very light. I find it very comfortable, but very secure. I am increasing forgetting it’s there. I went for a double base ring and find it’s perfect for my tastes in terms of feel and fit. Getting hard is suitably constrained and aching, but not painful in any negative way 🙂 As advertised, it is easy to clean and maintain.

    My partner is enjoying the opportunity for access and teasing. She loves seeing him go hard with nowhere to grow, and the deep frustration it engenders in me. She finds the mechanism for removal during play sessions quite simple, and it’s quick to reinstall post session.

    I do find that sitting for extended periods with mildly tight clothing (like shorts or jeans) can get uncomfortable, but this is not something I think you can really get around with chastity devices. I’m finding ways to sit and position the device to minimise discomfort.

    I agree with MK-Ultra that there is a small limitation with the design that enables some “wriggle room”, and it would be nice to not have this opportunity for minor escape. But this limited “slip” is still not very helpful to even a bratty Sub, I’ve determined 😉 Getting hard after escape becomes quite painful and impractical to do anything of substance with. The design cleverly protects all the sensitive bits. But if you want complete enclosure, I’d suggest alternate options like the Ghost would be more suitable. (I’m considering getting a second cage for play sessions where a more complete denial would be desirable—a benefit of the modular base ring system.)

    While fit is important for any device, I’d advise against going “too big” if you’re not 100% sure about the fit. I initially got my measurements wrong and went for a larger size, but the design really does depend on your glans being in the right place, and the length short enough to not allow for significant growth to be comfortable. I’ve since gotten a better fitting unit and it makes a huge difference to comfort, security and enjoyment.

    I only just recently received the smaller device, and the longest I’ve been in is 3 nights and 4 days. I am about to start a 10+ day stretch (away on a business trip) and I have every confidence that I’ll be able to do this, and longer, stints in the device. What joy!

  4. Lakeman (verified owner)

    I’ve bought custom devices from most of the major makers. Have recently bought twice from Custom Chastity, their devices are fantastic. Cleverly designed, super lightweight, the only non metal maker I’ve found that does a narrow round base ring, all the others are wider and far less comfortable. This is a genuine long term wearing device, I fly often and it’s airport safe. The only reason it ever needs to come off of when my wife decides.

    The service is top notch, great communication, and by far the fastest delivery I’ve ever had for a custom device, received in Australia within 2 weeks of placing the order. Awesome stuff!

  5. OwndedBiHer (verified owner)

    I did not want to write my review before properly testing both styles (ghost&saint) for comparison and a better understanding of all the ups and downs specific to each cage.
    First, I would like to say the material is amazing. It truly is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. Both styles hold everything together the way you want them to, and they are very easy to interchange the cages on the same base ring. They are very tough and strong, even though some of the thinner spots can be flexed with enough grip, they springs right back to the original position everytime.
    I am a submissive with a mild amount of freedom to play with myself, so I do have to note, that both of these styles allow for a bit of access to the sensitive parts of the head. I have reached full orgasm simply rubbing my fingers over these openings. It takes several days of building up before I can reach the pressure needed, but it is possible.
    Now, the Saint. It offers a few more personal perks than anything else i have seen. First and foremost, I never have an issue peeing. I can always use my fingers to line myself up and drying is as simple as using toilet paper. The open end actually helps me slide into my cage when putting it back on, because I can actually slide my head out and pull it till I am fully inside the cage, then I just slide the head back in and I am where I need to be. If you do this though, just do it quick, I am always scared to get hard in the middle of that process. Continuing, cleaning is super easy because of how open it is. On hot days, when I don’t have time to take an extra shower, I can use a baby whipe to clean up rather fast and feel refreshed. And as mentioned, both styles have access points for pleasure. But the Saint is more open, enough that I can stroke my head all the way around. I don’t need as much pressure built up to make myself reach full orgasm in this cage. But I will warn against the mild abrasive texture of the material. It will never be an issue for daily wear even for an active person, but if you get too involved in rubbing your head like a clit, you can give yourself a rub burn on the top. Which I did once. So be careful. I do also feel inclined to mention that I was left in the cage afterwards and was still able to heal even though it rubs that same spot. The Saint is worth the money you spend. I give it 5 out of 5 stars because this cage is/was and will remain to be, an amazing addition to my penis and never will I buy from another company.

  6. jonbrook99

    Leopard 300 Starter pack Le Grande size.
    Light and Strong and when you slide it together its a ONE-PIECE Unit. The Curve is superb and the Little holes offer ventilation.
    Could wear it in Bed till Morning. Wife was ready Day 3 to pop in the Magic Lock insert and start the Fun. The Sliding mechanism between the Base ring and Cage is tight and reassuringly strong. Needs a bit of grease to encourage that it departs for cleaning and inspection (Supplied).
    This is a really Lovely Design. DON’T FUCKING PAY £40 FOR A DEVICE YOU PUT ON YOUR PENIS!!
    This is worth the money. I run in it, I workout and wear Jeans its 99.99% Comfortable. (Have I got it on?? Oh yeah it’s there).

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