Lady Fox with The Fox

How did Lady Fox get caught up in Male Chastity?

My husband and I were a “normal” married couple. We love each other but there was the normal killers – kids, work etc etc – others.

My husband came home and asked if he could be put into full time chastity. He had played with chastity devices before and it did nothing for me? The whole idea did not excite me at all. What was in it for me.

No sex for me???? but at least I know he was not cheating on me!!!

I was tired and just thought this was just another out there idea from my husband. – What ever!

Little did I know this was going to be the best journey ever to happen for me and my husband.

I would class myself as Vanilla in the world of sexual fetish. Some sex in public places, some little soft bondage but nothing to write to playboy about. Lets face it I have not even had a one night stand. EVER. So being thrown into chastity and orgasm denial for him only. (I did like that idea) it was a steep learning curve.

Thanks to a very patient husband he kept sending me information on the subject of Male Chastity and many articles on having a contract between the two parties. O MY GOD the contract we develop and sign was so pointed and littered with our insecurities and fears but that is exactly where we were at the time. If I was to write the contract today it would be so different.

Chastity Contract between THE FOX and LADY FOX –


Signed by  Lady Fox and  The Fox


Simple and to the point but there was no way I would have signed the above at the beginning. I had so many questions and want to protect myself and my children from another crazy idea my husband had. I promise that one day I will go into detail about having a contract and our contract but in this blog I want to talk general about my wonderful journey into becoming a key holder.

After the initial shock, then came the benefits and growth. The first benefit was waking up in the morning without the dread poke in the back by his morning glory. I was waking up to cuddles and a cup of tea and a happy husband. The next benefit was that we started to flirt again. Sexual banter and sexual tension was building. The amazing next benefit was the undivided attention and

Amazing Orgasm.

His attention to detail and ultimate need to ensure that I was full satisfied was fantastic.  Not that that I ever complained on what I had before but it is SO MUCH BETTER NOW.

As I become more comfortable blogging I will continue to tell you our story from a Key-holders perspective and answer any questions that you may have in your male chastity play and lifestyle.

Till Next Time


The Lady Fox.