The Gap – Go Big or Go Small?

The Gap – Go Big or Go Small?

Do you wonder what gap size you should have? Are you wondering if you go smaller will it stop the escape artist? If you are new to chastity and do not know your preferred gap size then this blog is for you.

Sizing yourself for comfort, especially for long term wear, is important and may take trial and error but by understanding the gap size and its reason you will help you make a wiser choose. Here are some tips to help you pick the correct gap size for your chastity device.

Unfortunately, there is no way of measuring yourself to determine the gap size. However we find that most customers choose the 10mm (7/16′) and find it perfect for them. The 7mm (9/32′)′ gap is intended for when you have a very large difference between cage and base ring diameters, e.g., Regular Cage and 60mm base ring. The 13mm (1/2″) is for when the cage and base ring diameter are very close together e.g. 40mm ring and a Grande Cage. If slippage – naturally slipping out during normal daily activity – is a problem, rather than a tighter gap, we recommend our double base ring – or if you are in a metal cage and suffering from the weight pulling you cage down then change your cage to a lighter device like our surgical nylon ones. One user does naked star jumps in his.

If your chastity device is just a sex toy only used for a couple of hours and can be removed or adjusted immediately if there is discomfort, then if in any doubt pick a 10mm gap and enjoy your play. For the serious wearers where you will be locked up and not given the key for days or weeks then it is important to focus on comfort outside the play zone.

Some men start out obsessed with finding the most inescapable device but this is counter-productive in a long term chastity lifestyle. It is true that the smaller the gap between cage and main ring, the more difficult it becomes to slip the penis and testicles out. However, the gap is to allow for good blood flow and so prevent damage! It also determines comfort and practicality; you need to have enough room for your testicles to swing and move with your body during normal activity which includes work, exercise, sitting, squatting and bending, without them escaping or getting pinched. It is okay to be awakened by your penis struggling inside the cage (a nice reminder of your lifestyle choose) but you should never be in major pain as this is you body telling you that you causing damage down there.

So, going for a too-tight base ring in the hope of more security is a mistake. Anyway, if your cannot be trusted then you need to question why you want to be in chastity. Is long-term chastity really your scene? If it is then maybe you need a piercing and a PA device Otherwise, a comfortable cage is one you can wear long term without any excuse for early removal. (One user said it was like standing on the edge of a cliff…)

Take the time to measure yourself correct as per our Guide and if you are still unsure before purchasing your cage then try our Lock On Cock Ring – soon to be released